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FRIDAY (The Shindig)

Needle Felted Cactus, Marti Swanson, 9:30-12 pm...$45

Crochet for Knitters, Dawn Ortega, 10-12 pm...$40

Wet Felt Vessels, Marti Swanson, 1-5 pm...$55

Knitting for Crocheters, Dawn Ortega, 1:30-3:30 pm...$40

Hand Made Goats Milk Lotion, Linda Williams, 2-4 pm...$35


Needle Felted Cactus

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Time: 9:30-12 pm

Day: Friday

Teacher: Marti Swanson

These cute cacti are fun, easy to make and require no water! Learn the basics of sculpting with wool, creating shapes, detail techniques, blending color, finishing and more. This class is perfect for beginners and includes enough wool to create several sculptures, 3 mini terracotta pots and gravel. Beginners are welcome. 

Class: 35.00/ Materials: 10.00/ Level: Beginner/ Duration: 2.5 hours


Wet Felt Vessel

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Introduction to wet felting with a resist. Learn the basics of wet felting, layout of wool, embellishments and more to create a unique piece of art. Wet felting is a physical process that involves the wetting and agitation of wool fibers to create a piece of fabric. Wet felting on a resist allows for making 3D sculptural pieces. It takes a bit of effort, but the results are always stunning!

Class: 45.00/ Materials: 10.00/ Level: Beginner/ Duration: 3 hours