Saturday Classes

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SATURDAY (The Shindig)

Saori Weaving on Small Looms, Kathleen Utts, 9-2 pm ...$50Crochet / Knit Help, Round Table with Dawn Ortega, 9-9:45 am...$10

Mushroom Fairy Houses, Joyce Halzerig, 10-1 pm...$50

Mosaic Crochet, Dawn Ortega, 10-12 pm...$35

Crochet / Knit Help, Round Table with Dawn Ortega, 1-2 pm...$10

Wet Felted Lariats, Joyce Halzerig, 2-5 pm...$70

Filet Crochet, Dawn Ortega, 2-5 pm...$35


Saturday Classes

Saori Weaving


Learn a "way" of weaving that marries texture, color and imagination!

Saturday 9-2 pm

Mushroom Fairy Houses


This is a beyond basics class for beginners to advanced looking to go beyond the felted bunny!

Saturday 10-1 pm

Wet felted Flower Lariats


In this class we use a wet felting technique to make wearable flower and vine lariats.

Saturday 2-5 pm

Mosaic Crochet


Take your crochet skills up a notch with mosaics and color play!

Saturday 10-1 pm

Filet Crochet


Learn to read charts and make samples. Not your Grandma's art anymore!

Lumpy Bumpy Landscapes


We like this name. It lives up to its meaning...really cool hand spun crochet in to a tapestry-like landscape. Spinning for a tapestry...Very Cool!