Meet Our Teachers

Kathleen Utts


WIMBERLEY VALLEY SAORI is a manifestation of Kathleen's fiber arts journey so far. There have been many amazing teachers and artists who have influenced her along the way, but what has remained constant is Kathleen's affinity for anything “free style” regarding fiber arts. 

Joyce Hazlerig


Joyce Hazelrig has been creating art all her life. Felting wool is her current passion. There's something about wool and fiber; and shape and create it into something new and different. She loves making whimsical creatures or magical characters. 

Dawn Ortega


Dawn Ortega is a Knit and Crochet designer and teacher. Her passions is in color and piece-work. She has been a part of several events and is a guest teacher at several shops in Texas.

Linda Williams


Linda Williams is now living her true passion- developing an educational farm where she can collect all sorts of farm animals, put them to productive use, and share information on how to care for them while utilizing their products to promote a natural and healthy lifestyle for visitors and clients of the farm. Her Nubian Dairy Goats are one of her prides and joy for their nutritional and quality milk. This enables her to make and  teach other's how to make magical lotions and luscious soaps which baby and nurture your skin!

Marti Swanson


Marti Swanson has her roots in teaching and fine arts. She has a passion for hand work and design. Whether she's wet felting or needle felting, there is something just magical when it all takes form and little joy bubbles erupt into pure bliss.

Sheryl Means


Sheryl Means is a fiber enthusiast, yarn maker and crochet designer.

Making yarn by hand is magical; crocheting with her yarn is the icing on the 🎂. She is owner of The Woolen Hook as well!

Jenn Kulick


Jenn Kulick is the visionary behind the BFAW event. She has been offering up entry level fiber arts classes yearly to get people having hands-on experiences with all things wooly.