Dye Video 101-A

This is an overview of how to blend color and get excited about dying fabric.

A Suffolk Christmas

A quick talk about why I use different gauges of fabric when I hook.

Flick Carding

Making flick carding part of your fiber processing regime will change how you look at fiber.

Yoga Tee Talk

I had no idea that my sneaky puppy was behind me or that both the tree and the model were done with my retakes. In this video I give you a quick heads up as to how to crochet for your body type.

Beginner Level Warping

Warp Your SampleIT Loom 

Basic Hem Stitch

As requested by my students I am slowing piecing together my knowledge of rigid heddle weaving. Today's subject is the basic hem. And, yes, I did it left handed. So don't expect perfection.

Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch Hems

Clasped Weft

Clasped Weft using two gauges of yarn: sport and fingering.


Create texture in your weave.